Friday, July 27, 2012

APB Reloaded 1.9.0 Now Live! Big Bonus Offers and Free Premiums

Every 4 years countries around the world send their athletic elite to compete in their honor.  Every 7 years one can view a full Solar Eclipse from the same spot on earth.  Every 13 years cicadas come swarming from the sky to inhabit the US Eastern Coast.  But only once in an entire lifetime does New Breed Part 2 go LIVE. That’s right APB Reloaded version 1.9.0 is live!

We’ve started the celebration early by offering a limited-time pre-launch promotion – the 20% G1C Rebate Promotion!  Players will get 20% of the G1 Credits they spend in the Armas Marketplace back on their accounts shortly after the promotion ends.  We’ll be counting all G1 Credits spent in the Armas Marketplace starting from yesterday until July 31st, 11:50 PM PDT.
That’s not all!  We are celebrating the release of New Breed Part 2 by sending all players a FREE gift of 1 Day Premium and 400 Joker Tickets.  All players have to do is go to the Redeem Code page in Armas and click on the promo code link.  But everyone should hurry to redeem their codes because they will expire at the end of the month - July 31st, 11:50 PM PDT!
As Qwentle had mention in one of our earlier 1.9.0 preview blog post that one of the big new features New Breed Part 2 was bringing was the Joker Distribution in Social District.  After everyone’s redeemed their promo codes and have their Joker Tickets in hand – go to Social and say hello to our new NPCs - Ophelia and Wilde!  They’ll have some fun stuff for you to buy with your Joker Tickets – including Titles and Armas Items.  You’ll also dig the new tunes playing inside Joker Distribution and be sure to check out the crowning glory of all Joker Ticket prizes!
Onto the next brand new feature – Activities!  This feature we are introducing first with Fight Club where players can complete smaller tasks while in a Fight Club Mission and get additional rewards.  Those smaller tasks could be things like “Get X amount of Assists” or “Kill X amount of enemies with your side arm.”  There are 3 tiers of Activities: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each tier becomes increasingly challenging but also increasingly rewarding.
Attaining a Bronze or Silver rank will immediately reward you on the spot, but attaining a Gold rank will win you a significantly larger reward at the end of the week.   Activities can also be skipped if there is another Activity available that you want to go for instead. 

Please advise,  Activities will be available in game as of Monday (7/30/12), in order to follow our regular Fight Club Challenge Rewards cycle.  Although we are introducing the new Activities system with Fight Club, our hope is to add them to general Missions as well.  So while we are testing out the waters with Fight Club Activities we’d love to hear from all of you to see what you like and what you don’t like about this new feature.  We want your feedback!
Finally, while you are taking a gander through Joker Distribution in Social, completing new Activities, or customizing your new Character Titles (there are some fun Titles our team took creative liberties with – you’ll see…), take advantage of a few other promotions and events we have going on to top off the New Breed Part 2 celebration:
·         Double Premium Discount Weekend – That’s right it is back!  From Friday through Sunday, (7/27/12 -7/29/12), Premium members will get 40% off all Armas purchases (double their regular 20% discount).
·         Joker Mystery Box 2 BOGO Sale From Friday through Sunday, (7/27/12 -7/29/12), buy one get one FREE – Joker Mystery Box 2.  This Box will only be available for a limited remaining time on Armas after this promotion ends so stock up while you can.  Delivery of the bonus Joker Mystery Box 2s will be completed shortly after the promotion end date.
·         San Paro Triathalon – Enter this video and screenshot forum contest for your chance to win some cool Armas Kits, Packs and Premium Days.  Check out our Forums for further details!

That about sums it up for all the goodies New Breed Part 2 has to offer for right now, but stay tuned as we have some other events, promotions, and new products in store for later…

Cheers to 1.9.0!