Friday, December 7, 2018

New APB Event - Slay Bells

New APB Event - Slay Bells
A cold front has arrived, and the local criminals and enforcers are taking advantage of the snow to fight for supremacy in San Paro as it slowly freezes over.
As each round starts, checkpoints become available to capture. Your objective is to hold at least one checkpoint at the end of every round. If you do not, your team will lose a life. Each team starts with 3 lives. If your team gets down to 0 lives, they will enter a state of sudden death where any member killed will spawn as a ghost until your team gets a point. If they do not hold a checkpoint by the end of the round, the team is eliminated. If the entire team is killed before the end of the round, the team is eliminated. If you do happen to hold more than one checkpoint at the end of a round, you will gain a life for each checkpoint held over the first.
The game is played in two stages. During stage one, if your team is eliminated, the players on your team will be distributed onto teams that are remaining, but this will permanently reduce the number of teams. During the second stage, if your team is eliminated, you are out of the game. You will still be around as a ghost.
As the game progresses, blocks are chosen to be 'frozen'. Blocks that are currently frozen over are indicated on the map. While in that block, you will take damage indicated by the distinct weather change.
This continues till there is only one team remaining. Fight for your supremacy.
Special thanks to all our public play testers that helped test and submitted screenshots to help explain the event.

Here is a breakdown of the rewards:

NOTE: Activities work in both the Slay Bells event district and Beacon, so you can finish in 5 days.

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