Monday, October 29, 2018

ARMAS Marketplace Refresh And Pricing Changes

ARMAS Marketplace Refresh And Pricing Changes
The first phase of the new Store Front be rolling out shortly so we wanted to take a moment a let you know about it.

Our initial focus has been on readability and discoverability for a more enjoyable browsing experience. You will notice the main (featured) page has been redesigned and modernized with the following changes:
New Armas Marketplace
  • FEATURED CAROUSEL - We now have featured items rotating atop the main page to highlight the new and cool items available.
  • LARGER ITEM CARDS - In addition to being bigger, items on the main page are now categorized and scrollable for better browsing.
  • STREAMLINE NAVIGATION - The navigation bar as been updated to reflect how users search, grouping similar categories.
  • WEEKLY FEATURED ITEMS – Check back each week, because we have started featuring selected items with a limited time discount.
  • OVERALL PRICE DROPS – We took the time to review the first batch of our pricing and have standardized in a number of categories, bringing down the overall cost by as much as 20-50%!
More is coming in the weeks ahead. We will be refreshing the individual item pages in addition to the presentation of the items themselves so stay tuned. We hope you enjoy this and continue to look forward to making ARMAS that best place to get all your APB gear.

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