Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid-July update

Hello Citizens,

We are just short of reaching the mid-point for the month of July and we still have more for you to enjoy.

Due to the popularity of this year’s Anarchy event, we have extended it for another week, and the event will now end on July 20th. So for all of you that have not yet had a chance to participate, here is your chance to enjoy a fresh take on our established Chaos events.
We are also happy to announce the return of our “Meet The Dev” blog post as well as the corresponding “Find The Dev” Event.  The “Meet the Dev” blog will be posted on July 27th, with the event following the week after. 
We'll also have a store wide sale coming up, keep watch on the forums for more information. 
So with the PC side of things taken care of, we want to make sure that our Xbox players don’t feel neglected. We know that since yesterday’s patch, many of you have been experiencing crashes as you navigate the busier districts, and that our players who put in their ten hours of playtime in APB’s first month on Xbox are yet to be sent their founder’s weapon skin reward. At the time of this blog being written, we are working hard on fixing both of these problems, as we want as many people as possible to be enjoying their time in APB on the Xbox 1.  

That's it for now citizens, be safe and return next week for a new blog update with information on upcoming events, looking forward into the month of August.

-Reloaded Team